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Laure at Fjord & Bælt

My host family came to Fjord&Bælt to assist to the animals training. It’s a little bit different when someone you know is watching you, but it went good anyway ! Most of the time when guests are coming, the trainers are making a presentation of the centre and the research they do with the animals. The presentation is in danish but guests can ask for an english version! Everybody is welcome to ask any questions after the feeding session.

Sophia i Bulgarien

Bulgaria? Yes! I saw an instagram post with an opportunity to be a part of a 2 month project in Bulgaria. Next thing I know, I am on a plane not even two weeks later. It was a decision I did not have much time to think about.

Yukiho i Polen

Great city, Great people and Great experience. Hej. I am Yukiho. I am originally from Japan, but I lived in Denmark. So I joined the ESC project in Poland from ICYE Denmark. I had a great time in Poland so I would like to share my experience.

August i Italien

Da jeg i slut-august 2020 tog afsted mod Italien, var jeg en anelse nervøs men også spændt på, hvad der mon ville vente mig, når jeg ankom til Senigallia. Heldigvis viste min tid som ESC-volontør sig at være spændende, lærerig og fuld af nye oplevelser. Jeg arbejdede på et projekt, som har fokus på integration af 6-12-årige børn af immigranter fra især Bangladesh og Pakistan. Min arbejdsplads var en fritidsklub, hvor jeg hjalp børnene med lektier på italiensk, forberedte eftermiddagssnacks, hyggede og spillede spil med dem. Jeg husker især med stor glæde tilbage på sensommeren, hvor vi spillede fodbold på den store plads foran kirken i byen. Der følte jeg mig som en ægte lokal!

Mane at Kalø Skovbørnehus

Hej. I’m Mane, a 22 years old girl full of energy and enthusiasm to discover the world. About a year ago I made the best decision of my life and applied for an EVS in Denmark. What now? From September on I am living in one of the most amazing countries of the world, learning their language and culture, examining their kitchen and mentality. I am volunteering in a forest kindergarten called Kalø Skovbørnehave. It has a quite unusual concept as a kindergarten which can be found only in Denmark.

Tim at Odsherreds Efterskole

As a volunteer I had various tasks which differed a lot from each other. The biggest part was organizing and taking part in free time activities during the evenings and the weekends. Nevertheless I had also the chance to make the experience of teaching my mother tongue German to our students.

Pauline at Kalø Skovbørnehus

This kindergarten is very special. I met the most amazing people and as soon as the kids got used to you (and you to them) they were so cute and you don’t want to leave. Each day they happily greeted me when I was coming thru the front door and it was the most heartwarming thing I had ever experienced. Besides the cutest children on earth, I had incredible colleagues.

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