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Not sure where to start gaining inspiration?
Here is a small collection of articles, videos, and more created by volunteers in Denmark.

You can find a mix of themes here, including fun facts about Denmark seen from a volunteer’s point of view, descriptions of everyday life as a volunteer, good advice for living in Denmark, and more.
All will give you a special look into the life of a volunteer.


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Why become a volunteer?

Jonas, After School Activity Centre, 2018-2019


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Daily life volunteering at a school

Daniel & Wiebke, School, 2018-2019


Documentary about a volunteer’s life and what he got out of volunteering

Stanislav, Boarding School, 2018-2019


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Everyday life and expectations

Matthes, School, 2018-2019
Dissemination project Matthes

Facts about Denmark from a Spanish perspective

Marta, Boarding School, 2019-2020
Dissemination Marta PROJECT ENGLISH MM

Life at a boarding school

Alina, Boarding School, 2018-2019
alina diseemination project


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55 reasons why you should choose Denmark

Marlene, Lisa and Regina, School and After School Activity Centre, 2019-2020
55 reasons why you should choose a ESC in Denmark

How to survive in a host family

Max, School, 2018-2019
Max Gerke Dissemination Project

Ups and downs of a year abroad

Ronja, Kindergarten, 2018-2019
Dissemination Travel Ronja

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