• 2020/2021

    Ferdinand at Egebakkeskolen

    My name’s Ferdinand, and I’m happy to welcome you here to this humble blog. Currently, I’m spending a year in Denmark as a volunteer at the beautiful school Egebakkeskolen. My stay here is made possible by the European Solidarity Corps -ESC-, an organization that finances volunteering opportunities all over the World! In this blog, I want to tell you about my experiences throughout the next year. It may still seem a little empty but that won’t last for long. Hope I see you around!

  • 2020/2021

    Lena and Pia at Egebakkesskolen and Solbjerg Plejehjem

    Lena and Pia became very good friends during their ESC in Aarhus, Denmark. They decided to both contribute to an Instagram account, where they share life at their projects in Aarhus.

  • 2019/2020

    Marvin at Egebakkeskolen

    Marvin has made this film to share his experience with others. You can hear from his host families, his colleagues, his fellow volunteer, and the students when answer the following questions: What it is like to be a volunteer? What it is like to have a volunteer at your school? What is it like to have a volunteer living in your home?

  • Marlene, Lisa and Regina Egebakkeskolen and Husmandsstedet


  • Brice Egebakkeskolen