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My name’s Ferdinand, and I’m happy to welcome you here to this humble blog. Currently, I’m spending a year in Denmark as a volunteer at the beautiful school Egebakkeskolen. My stay here is made possible by the European Solidarity Corps -ESC-, an organization that finances volunteering opportunities all over the World! In this blog, I want to tell you about my experiences throughout the next year. It may still seem a little empty but that won’t last for long. Hope I see you around!

Greetings from Denmark!

25th February 2021

Just one year ago I was your typical pineapple on pizza-loving, too much video games playing, procrastinating, cheap sense of humor misusing, highschool student. Now, all this pretty much still applies, just the last one changed. Instead of hustling for my final exams, I’m now trying my best at impersonating an adult. Pulling myself together is not what I would call my strongest of suits, so let’s see how that’s gonna turn out.

You might have already realized by now, that I didn’t really have a clear plan to follow up on after school. So instead I chose to take one year of volunteering, doing the classic “finding myself” move.
My search for the perfect place to do so led me up to Denmark. Not to sound overly dramatic, but I just always felt Scandinavia’s calling. That and I think the language sounds fun.

Now, if you ask me where I’ll go with this blog, it’s quite simple. I’ll handle it like most things in life, and follow my heart! …which is just a fancy way of saying: I don’t really do the whole planning ahead thing. But you can be pretty sure to read about a few of my impressions of Denmark and also the ESC, which made this awesome experience possible in the first place.

If you read till here, I applaud your taste! Hopefully, I’ll see you around here more often. Be the witness, when I unleash the combined creative power of too much Netflix and three coffee.

Greetings from Denmark,

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