Isabella at Stouby Skole

ICYE programme
6 months

“Now that my time volunteering abroad Denmark is finished, I can say that I am so glad I had this experience as I am inspired to continue volunteering, I learned to be more self confident, and I gained a better appreciation for the subtle nuances of different cultures.

The best part of my experience in Denmark is the fact that I am bitten by both a travel and volunteering bug as I am already planning another experience abroad to volunteer because I loved my time in Denmark so much. I think that this is great because it will allow me to continue enriching my life in the future. I also appreciate my time abroad because it taught me to be more self confident.

At the beginning of my time in Denmark I was very shy and I didn’t like to talk much, but after meeting lots of new people and successfully tackling a new culture and a new language, I feel much more confident in myself. This is an invaluable skill for me and I am so grateful to have learned it. Finally, I gained a greater appreciation for the subtle nuances of different cultures by getting an in-depth view of the Danish culture.

This was shown to me in learning why the Danes act certain ways, and this is useful for having a greater understanding of other cultures and being more open-minded. Overall, I am grateful that I have had the chance to experience volunteering in Denmark for six months as I have come out of it a better person and I know I will continue to volunteer in the future.”

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Isabella also did a takeover of Dansk ICYE’s Instagram.

Name: Isabella

Country: USA

Volunteering at: Stouby Skole

Project type: School

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