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ESC programmet
2 måneder

Two months in Blagoevgrad

Bulgaria? Yes!

I saw an instagram post with an opportunity to be a part of a 2 month project in Bulgaria.

Next thing I know, I am on a plane not even two weeks later.

It was a decision I did not have much time to think about.

As I did not know what to expect, as I literally did not have time to think it over, it was important for me to not have high expectations. But here I am and I could not have been happier about my team and the project I am part of.

3 first weeks of Blagoevgrad.

Apart from my team, nature is the best part of Bulgaria! I already have too many pictures of sunsets and sunrises.

So what have I been doing? Of course, I have spent time in our office. Planning events and working on a personal project. At ABS we have a lot of independence, for us to unfold our creativity.

City Square of Blagoevgrad

Outside of the office, we have had movie nights, thanksgiving, and gone hiking!
We went on a short hike to Blagoevgrads ‘’must go to’’ spot. There is a giant cross located at the top of one mountain. A relatively small mountain to be fair. So it is a 40 minute walk uphill. Perfect for a relaxed sunday. Best way to finish the day is to stop by the local kebab shop and share a falafel menu with your new best friend.

We were 6 different nationalities celebrating thanksgiving by cooking traditional dishes. Even though none of us actually celebrates this holiday. It was just a good excuse for a cozy evening with delicious food.
Christmas and New Year are coming soon, and we are slowly starting to put up christmas decorations.
2021, please be kind to us.

Short hike to the cross (Blagoevgrad)

Aziz and me


This article is created by Sophia Swing- a participant of the “ESC: European Skills and Competences” project, co-funded by the Bulgarian National Agency of Erasmus+ Program Human Resource Development Center


Sophia Swing

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