Read the volunteer blogs

Volunteers share their blogs with us before, during, or after their stay. The volunteers share their everyday life as a volunteer; their tasks at the project, their accommodation, the area they live in, and the excursions they go on to experience more of the country.
Most of these blogs are in Danish, as that is the native language of most of our volunteers going abroad. Some choose to write in English.

If you have travelled with us and have a blog that you would like to share, please contact us through e-mail or Facebook.

Three ways of volunteering

If you want to volunteer abroad with Dansk ICYE we offer three different programmes. This is why the blogs have been divided into three categories. The first-hand experience of the culture may be similar throughout the programmes, but there may be a difference in experience if you stay 12 months compared to 4 weeks.

The global programme is developed by the international network of ICYE organisations. We simply call this the ICYE-programme. This programme lasts 6 or 12 months. Go to the ICYE blogs.

The short programme is very flexible. You can volunteer between 4 and 16 weeks and the start date can be individually agreed upon. This programme is called the STePs-programme. Go to the STePs blogs.

The European programme is called ESC – Individual Volunteering and is financed by the European Union. This programme mainly accepts volunteers from European countries. This programme was previously called “EVS” which is why you may come across this name in older blogs. Most projects on this programme last 6 to 12 months. Go to the ESC – Individual Volunteering blogs.

Shorter statements

If you’re not in the mood to read a whole blog about the country you’re interested in, we also have shorter statements by previous volunteers where they describe their experience in a few sentences. You can find these shorter descriptions here: Volunteering in a few words